Business solutions

See for yourself with state-of-the-art industry solutions and case studies.

When it comes to hosting solutions, we can handle any challenge. The team of experts at conversis knows how to generate a custom-tailored solution out of various customer requirements that can contribute to your business success. The individual service packages and solutions take into consideration the various industry backgrounds and reflect the required range of services and key competencies.


Online-Gaming Expertise

Growth in the online gaming industry has exploded – and our server setups are following.

The online gaming industry is booming. Social games and web-based games are changing the industry and allowing new market players to grow quickly. The technical operation and particularly the scaling of an on-line gaming platform entail risks and require an experienced partner. conversis hosts a variety of on-line gaming environments for its customers, with millions of active players and up to triple-digit growth rates. It is often the case that dozens of servers must be rolled out and taken into operation within the shortest time. Our many years of experience in the operation of heavy-duty web farms helps us also support our customers in introducing configuration management systems, optimizing application architecture, and during system analysis and - optimization.