Business solutions

See for yourself with state-of-the-art industry solutions and case studies.

When it comes to hosting solutions, we can handle any challenge. The team of experts at conversis knows how to generate a custom-tailored solution out of various customer requirements that can contribute to your business success. The individual service packages and solutions take into consideration the various industry backgrounds and reflect the required range of services and key competencies.


High Response / Availability

Safeguarding response and availability in the online marketing sector.

For the operators of day management software in the on-line marketing sector, reliable and fast access to hosted data is an essential business foundation. Without high-performance hosting architecture, the prompt delivery of tracking codes and storage of correlative statistic data cannot be handled. It was decided quickly during planning to use appropriate high-performance servers, which ensure a fast and stable connection. Since then conversis has been operating them in the Level3 computing centre in Düsseldorf to the complete satisfaction of their customers.



Seamless content delivery of large data volumes for one of the best known moving image media marketers.

Videos as an on-line means of advertising are the most important trend in on-line marketing and have constantly rising distribution figures. The hosting of moving image media advertisements assumes a high-performance, reliable supply of large data volumes 24 hours per day. In order to meet these requirements, we establish appropriate hosting environments that are also able to process and deliver large data volumes in the shortest possible time.


High-traffic Websites

Traffic-intense news portals rely on high-performance availability.

Within the information sector, on-line magazines are in a constant competition with print media for new readers. An on-line news service is only used permanently if it can be reached reliably and quickly. Server overloads and failures affect the number and viewing time of the readership measurably. In order to prevent this worst case, the on-line section of one the largest computer magazines in Germany chose a stable and high-performance server setup. This guarantees continued permanent server stability even in the case of high access figures. Error-free operation, as well as the safety and accessibility of the associated community, is ensured with the same hosting architecture.