Cloud Hosting // Introduction

Cloud hosting is currently the most important technological trend

As one of the first and most experienced providers of real cloud hosting solutions in Germany, we provide you with scalable and intelligent services according to need and in real time.

Whether for a software solution, individual service, or the design of a customised cloud infrastructure for your company, we are your ideal partner for the most important technological trend.


Individual Cloud-Solutions

conversis cloud solutions are a perfect fit for your individual requirements, regardless of how complex their structure. We analyse your requirements, evaluate the basic conditions, and create a custom-tailored model to implement your cloud with high end technology or to migrate your existing cloud.

Cloud-Intelligence: Scale on Demand

Cloud hosting is a scalable, intelligent, and therefore particularly cost-efficient solution. You pay for only that which you actually use. If your demand increases, resources will be released on the fly, with no loss of performance. If you resource requirements increase, your cloud instance adapts to your changed requirements. This guarantees optimal performance and saves not only time, but also money and resources.


Reduced costs

Horrendous initial IT investments are a thing of the past, thanks to modern cloud technology. You only pay for your actual computer capacity requirements.


Safe into the future

All systems can be expanded or upgraded at any time. In this way, your cloud environment is always able to meet your individual needs.


Transparent data migration

We participate actively in the planning, implementation, and monitoring of the data you transfer to a cloud-based environment.



You decide which services you receive from conversis. We set the standard for SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS requirements.


Better performance

If there is a weak link in the change, the cloud smoothly intercepts it. This means no failures and continued optimal performance, even if a cloud instance is not available.


Real-time scaling

Our modern cloud system recognizes the computing power required by your online applications in real time, and adapts your cloud accordingly.


Configuration in the future

With the intuitive cloud panel, you can create your own individual cloud instances according to your needs, and define the software and hardware, including the CPU, RAM, disc drive, and much more.


Total control

The conversis cloud panel shows you exactly the resources and load distribution of your cloud. You can monitor the requirements of your system and make changes directly.


Profit by using conversis cloud services and lowering your hosting costs at the same time, while maintaining or even improving your relevant IT-supply.

Our experts assist you and your company, beginning with the conception, implementation and operation of your individual cloud environment.


By moving your IT-infrastructure into a cloud-based environment your company saves resources, as investing in new hardware, (Capex) servers, disk space, upgrades or technological support becomes superfluous. In addition maintenance and operation costs are cut down. Your individual cloud-instance scales perfectly to your needs and guarantees a reliable and flexible operation at the highest possible efficiency.