Cloud Hosting // Hybrid Cloud

Dedicated Enviroment


The use of a hybrid cloud setup is also an ideal starting point for gradual migration to cloud services. First the more easily migratable and scalable services, such as web servers, are moved to cloud services.

Highly efficient hosting thanks to the combination of public and private cloud

A hybrid cloud setup connects the advantages of scalable and cost-efficient cloud solutions with the benefits of dedicated server systems. In this setup, the database servers with sensitive contents are connected to dedicated servers, while the less sensitive web servers are hosted on the conversis public cloud. Such a setup combines the advantages of particularly high security, guaranteed by isolated systems, as well as the possible cost-efficient extension with additional capacities in real time.

HYBRID Cloud Hosting is the ideal solution if...


...there are regulatory requirements concerning data protection or data privacy that necessitate hosting on one’s own or rented servers. use particularly performance-heavy applications that require the intensive write and read access that only local storage systems are able to provide. the use of special, proprietary software for which only physical servers can be used for effective scaling.

...special hardware is needed on your servers, such as high-performance GPU.