Cloud Hosting // Private Cloud

Dedicated Enviroment


Unnecessary systems are deactivated if the required amount of resources is reduced. Your private cloud therefore has the same advantages as a public cloud, but with clear benefits for certain applications.

Your private cloud hosting environment for you and your company

A private cloud is a particularly cost-effective and performance-efficient hosting solution. In this case, we provide your company with dedicated physical servers that are ideal for hosting large data volumes or highly sensitive data. You in turn have a highly scalable cloud infrastructure available, in which additional servers can be added automatically in real time according to usage and needs.

PRIVATE Cloud Hosting is the ideal solution if...


...there are regulatory requirements for data security or data protection that necessitate hosting on one’s own server or a rented server.

...a highly complex IT-infrastructure, such as that usually found in large companies, is migrated to a cloud environment. servers are already available or will be procured to operate a cloud environment. would like to migrate your entire IT-infrastructure immediately and completely to a cloud-based hosting environment.