Power supply

  • Uninterruptible power supplies for AC and DC (UPS)
  • Almost 100% guaranteed availability is possible


  • Under-floor air condition system with N+1 redundant architecture (output: 3080kW)
  • Heating and ventilation systems

Fire protection

  • Smoke detector above and below the double floor (Very Intelligent Early Warning System – particle analysis of the indoor air)
  • Doubly-preventive fire protection security from dry riser


  • Easy access to all cables (no more tangle of cable in the double floor)


  • Multi-level safety controls
  • All exterior doors are alarmed and video-monitored
  • Photo-ID cards with PIN codes
  • Biometric palm scanner
  • All-round surveillance and permanent video monitoring
  • Each rack is additionally protected by its own combination lock

Managed Hosting // Data Center

High-End IP- and Colocation Services

Data processing centres form the basis of reliable hosting architecture. With state-of-the-art partners on our side, we set the standard for providing high-end IP and colocation services that consistently and reliably deliver your data.

We achieve this high level of performance, quality and reliability in cooperation with the world-renowned provider Level 3 located in Düsseldorf. With our services, you benefit from a direct connection to one of the largest and most efficient fibre optics networks in the world, with more than 80 data processing centres covering over 500.000 m² of space.

Provide all website visitors, not just your target group, with a reliable, stable, and lightning-fast page design regardless of whether they are connected with a 56k modem or DSL broadband connection. They receive the corresponding performance at any time of day.

Use this clear competitive advantage to position yourself against the competition, because connectivity and accessibility are elementary criteria, especially in the fast-moving IT industry.

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  • Power Supply 2
  • Cabling
  • Cooling